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PROXFIN : The future of the community finance

Today, more than ever, community finance institutions face increasingly complex challenges. On the one hand, they are called on to serve an immense market and respond to a variety of pressing needs. On the other hand, they must exhibit accuracy, reliability and strong performance in order to survive as financial institutions.

To face these challenges, Développement international Desjardins (DID) partner institutions decided to join forces to share their creativity and innovative approaches as well as provide mutual assistance within the Proxfin network.

By taking advantage of the Proxfin network, successful achievements such as

  • insurance products designed in West Africa,
  • debit and credit cards in Lithuania,
  • an independent audit agency set up in the Philippines,
  • agricultural marketing loans adopted in Tanzania and
  • the mobile transaction service successfully developed in Mexico can be shared around the world and become available to millions of people.



Proxfin a vu le jour avec l'appui d'Affaires mondiales Canada et est animé par
Développement International Desjardins.